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NewsMax journalists Christopher Ruddy and Carl Limbacher have a blockbuster new book published on September 11, 2002.

Its called Catastrophe: Clintons Role in Americas Worst Disaster - and tells the real story of 9/11 - the one the big media are afraid to report.

Catastrophe begins on January 20, 1993, when William Jefferson Clinton took the oath of office as the 42nd president of the United States of America. Clinton swore to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic.

During the next eight years, Bill Clinton would preside over the most corrupt administration in American history. He would be only the second president in American history to be impeached.

When Bill Clinton took office, American supremacy on the world stage had never been so great and unchallenged. Our military was without equal. The economy was beginning a record boom.

Soon after Bill Clinton left office, Americans began to discover his bitter legacy.

Even as Clinton was leaving Washington, the American economy had begun to move into a serious recession.

And Americas belief in invulnerability was shattered on September 11, 2001, when 19 Arab hijackers slammed civilian jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

As Catastrophe: Clintons Role in Americas Worst Disaster demonstrates, the events of September 11 not only were predictable after eight years of Clinton, but they also could have been prevented.

Catastrophe exposes what really happened during the Clinton years, and how Bill Clinton and his administration systematically undermined Americas national security by emasculating the U.S. military and the nations intelligence agencies.

Bill Clinton made America vulnerable to attack.

Here are just some of the revelations from Catastrophe:

  • Clintons own admission that he could have extradited Osama bin Laden from Sudan - but he didnt because he felt bin Laden was not a threat! If you dont believe this, read his verbatim comments from our exclusive tape recording!
  • A senior CIA officer goes on record to reveal that Bill Clinton helped Saddam Hussein by allowing him to illegally sell oil - and make billions to stay in power.
  • Clinton adviser Dick Morris says that Clinton was warned about the terrorist bombings against American troops at the Khobar Towers - and he ignored the warning!
  • The FBI and CIA could have easily foiled the 9-11 attacks - but were negligent as two known terrorist gained entry into the U.S. with the CIAs full knowledge. They would later participate in the 9-11 attacks.
  • FBI agent Coleen Rowley says the FBI could have prevented 9-11, but refused to get a search warrant on one of the 9-11 terrorists.
  • NewsMax broke the story that Bill Clinton tied the hands of the CIA and FBI - hear from agents on the inside who broke the story on NewsMax and reveal what really happened.
  • Bill Clinton refused to require drivers licenses to expire at the time of expiring visas. If he had done this, one of the 9-11 terrorists would have been arrested or deported.
  • The 1996 Clinton-Gore airline safety commission set the stage for 9-11.
  • Why Clintons adviser Dick Morris says Bill Clintons affair with Monica Lewinksy helped Osama bin Laden survive and plot 9-11
  • Read Bill Clintons shocking statements about Americas guilt in 9-11 - he even blamed America for 9-11 and cited our treatment of the Indians and Muslims during the Crusades!
  • A secret 1994 terrorism report warned of suicidal hijackings - and Bill Clinton ignored it.

And there is much, much more in Catastrophe, including:

  • There is strong evidence that the West Nile virus was the first bioweapon used by Iraq. Did you know the first cases appeared near the United Nations in New York and that a major Iraqi defector said Saddam bragged in 1997 he would release the West Nile virus on America?
  • A top economics adviser to Russias President Putin warned on the front page of Pravda, just months before 9-11, that a catastrophic financial attack on the U.S. economy would take place. She has new warnings about the future.
  • The Russian government officially told its citizens to cash out dollars in the months after 9-11 - and warned of an economic collapse. Did it have advance knowledge?
  • Two top U.S. military commanders have warned that weapons of mass destruction will be used in the new war on terrorism.
  • FEMA has a secret plan to build emergency cities that could house millions of Americans - after our cities are attacked by weapons of mass destruction.
  • New evidence exists that al-Qaeda acquired small nuclear weapons in the late 1990s.
  • Why is Warren Buffet predicting a nuclear attack on a U.S. city?
  • Chinas hidden ties with the Taliban and al-Qaeda are revealed, along with new evidence that China was providing arms and intelligence to both groups even after 9-11.
  • A senior Senate aide goes on the record to say that senators and congressman will never investigate the FBIs role in 9-11 - they are too afraid the FBI will blackmail them.
  • If the U.S. invades Iraq, Saddam has already told the U.S. how he will retaliate and what weapons he will use.

Catastrophe is a wake-up call to Americans. This is the book that reveals the real story - without media censorship.

Gen. Jack Singlaub says, Every American needs to get and read Catastrophe. It reveals Bill Clintons role in 9-11 and what America must do to prevent future attacks.


Edited by Christopher Ruddy & Carl Limbacher editors tell you the story you didn't get on the evening news . . .
In Bitter Legacy reveals the Untold Story of the Clinton-Gore Years. You will learn how the corruption of the Clinton-Gore administration robbed America of her political integrity and national security - and how the Clinton-Gore administration engaged in a massive abuse of power.
Deceit, Lies, Scandal, Criminal Acts . . .
Bill Clinton and Al Gore have survived the most scandal-ridden administration in the history of the nation - all with the help of the media. Phrases and words like strange deaths, bribes, missing documents, threatened employees, perjury, Chinagate, funneled campaign cash and impeachment all came to symbolize a massive abuse of power at the highest levels of government.

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The Final Days: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House
Hardcover - 240 pages
Barbara Olson, author of the the bestseller, Hell To Pay, has written another stunner! This is a mind-boggling saga of the last days of the Clinton Administration. It details how the Clintons managed to disgust even their most solid liberal supporters with their sleazy deed. You'll shake your head in amazement at the depths to which the Clintons dipped in a last-minute frenzy to raid taxpayer dollars, steal private property and White House art and furniture.

The Final Days answers such questions as:

  • Why did Clinton pardon terrorists, spies and even a smuggler
  • Who gave Bill Clinton (of all things!) a cigar humidor as a going-away gift
  • How Clinton set the stage for the return of failed welfare policies
  • How the Clintons looted priceless art treasures from the White House
  • How last-minute Clinton orders denied the humanity of babies, even after birth
  • Why Clinton pardoned the Arkansas brothers known as the "Odometer Twins"

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It's not just about sex. It's also about TREASON.
Top Congressional investigators reveal: How Clinton & Gore sold out Americas national security for campaign cash and hush money

Hard to believe, but the Monica Lewinksy scandal may have been a blessing for Bill Clinton -- ever more so for Al Gore. For, while the nation focuses on sex, lies and grand jury videotape, evidence of more serious -- and impeachable -- crimes has been submerged, evidence that implicates not only Clinton, but also Gore, top White House officials, and leading Democrats.

In The Year of the Rat, congressional insiders and national security specialists Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II dig up the facts on the worst scandal behind the Clinton presidency. Timperlake and Triplett show that the Clinton-Gore administration has willingly and repeatedly compromised American military and economic security for millions in illegal campaign contributions, and hush money, from foreign businessmen linked to organized crime and Communist China -- the only country currently targeting America with nuclear missiles. The authors spell out the scope -- and devastating implications -- of their investigation in the Introduction:

Our thesis is simple: The Clinton administration has made a series of Faustian bargains and policy blunders that have allowed a hostile power to further its aims in Washington. In the main, Bill Clinton and Al Gore did it for money....
"In these pages, we will show that, in order to gain and hold on to power, the Clinton administration has acted recklessly, allowing the wrong people to gain access to our most important political and economic secrets. Any number of Chinese arms dealers, spies, narcotics traffickers, gangsters, pimps, accomplices to mass murder, communist agents, and other undesirables will appear in these pages, all associated in one way or another with the White House and money....
"Did the Clinton administration sell out America's national security to one of this country's leading and most dangerous adversaries merely to raise campaign cash? In the pages that follow, we will prove our answer, which is: yes."

The authors have penetrated the so-called China Connection in a way no one else has, with on-the-spot reporting from the dangerous gang-world of Macau, with access to sensitive official documents, and with new evidence of corruption that is simply staggering. Some highlights:

  • How Clinton and Gore got themselves elected in 1992 -- and reelected in 1996 -- on foreign money, much of it from sources hostile to the United States, some from Chinese brothels

  • How Chinese campaign cash resulted in policy shifts beneficial to China and harmful to U.S. security

  • How the Clintons used foreign cash as hush money for potential witnesses against them in the Whitewater investigation

  • The payoff to Webster Hubbell: did Hillary set it up?

  • How suspected Communist agents and representatives of Chinese organized crime won extraordinary access to the White House

  • How Chinese criminal gangs -- aka Triads -- created their own money conduit to the Clinton White House

  • Why nearly one hundred potential witnesses to the Clinton-Gore illegal foreign campaign contributions have either fled the country or taken the Fifth Amendment

  • How a half-million dollar check to Clintons legal defense fund led to Clintons complete sell-out of Taiwan in July 1998

  • Wire transfers to the Democratic National Committee -- from a Chinese criminal syndicate

  • How Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, John Huang, and others involved in the Clinton-Gore fund-raising scandals won influence in the administration

  • How Hillary Clinton and Ron Brown helped John Huang gain access to vital American policy and economic intelligence

  • Four types of classified information to which Huang had access at the Commerce Department. Ten major intelligence items he received under his Top Secret security clearance

  • How direct White House intervention helped Chinese arms smugglers secure a port at Long Beach, California

  • Al Gores Buddhist temple fundraiser: crawling with Chinese Communist agents. What did he know and when did he know it?

  • Revealed: Friend of Bill and Clinton money source Charlie Tries membership in a secret Chinese criminal society

  • Dangerous military implications of the Clinton/Gore administrations assistance to Chinas space program

  • The question of Sandy Berger, Clintons national security adviser -- and former point man for Chinese trade interests

  • How Americas defense and foreign policy has been reshaped to suit the interests of Clinton-Gores foreign campaign contributors

  • Three crucial areas in which the Clinton-Gore administration helped improve Chinas military capability, at the expense of Americas national security

Much of the information presented in this book has never been published or reported -- including a number of previously classified documents. In the course of their investigation Timperlake and Triplett combed records in Hong Kong, visited Macau criminal syndicate figure -- and Clinton-Gore donor -- Ng Lapseng's principal place of business, and interviewed dozens of top government officials, witnesses and experts both here and abroad.

Result? An eye-opening expose offering serious evidence that Bill Clinton and his associates not only lied to their countrymen, but betrayed them to potential enemies.

Edward Timperlake is on the professional staff of the House Committee on Rules dealing with national security. William C. Triplett II is the former chief Republican counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with thirty years experience working on China and national security.

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The Clinton scandal America can't afford to ignore

In the wake of the impeachment drama, many political observers have predicted that history would remember Bill Clinton largely for his sex scandals. Not so Bill Gertz, national security correspondent for the Washington Times, who has been tracking a story with far more dangerous implications:

President Clinton's most important legacy will not be his seriocomic sex scandals, but his dead serious disarmament of the United States and his self-serving appeasement of powerful and determined foreign enemies.

Gertz, the rare reporter who is an expert in the subject he covers (he lectures on defense and national security issues at the FBI Academy and the CIA) has done more than any other reporter to expose the threat the Clinton administration poses to American national security. Now, using his unrivaled access to confidential documents and sources at the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White House, Gertz tells the whole sordid story of how the Clinton administration, in pursuit of foreign campaign cash and short-term political advantage, has ignored or covered up startling intelligence reports on other nations military activities and weapons transfers ... aided and abetted Chinas massive military buildup ... subsidized Russias re-armament while strengthening the hand of ex-communists there ... gutted our own military and intelligence capabilities, while over-committing our troops abroad ... and all but abandoned our nations efforts to halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and the missile systems used to deliver them. Some of Gertzs explosive revelations:

  • How, in exchange for campaign cash, the Clinton administration cleared the way for U.S. companies to help China improve its strategic nuclear missiles -- targeted at American cities

  • Clintons revealing letter to a Silicon Valley executive explaining how export controls would be loosened to enable technology transfers to China

  • How Americas unequalled electronic intelligence services -- our first line of defense -- were "hollowed out" under the Clinton administration, even as China's espionage operations against us were growing rapidly

  • U.S. intelligence report reveals: How a Chinese satellite launcher developed with American help can be converted into a multiple-warhead missile launcher

  • How the Clinton administration repeatedly ignored Chinese violations of nuclear non-proliferation agreements. How one top official intervened to prevent U.S. sanctions against China for covert missile sales to Pakistan

  • How the Administration relaxed export controls that allowed U.S. sales of supercomputers to Russia and China -- systems that are being used to design nuclear bombs

  • How the administration gave aid and comfort to a handful of corrupt ex-communists who, far from modernizing Russian socialism, turned one of the world's most resource-rich countries into a bankrupt, Mafia-dominated kleptocracy that stole upwards of $150 billion in Western aid

  • How Clinton let himself be bamboozled into sending Russia tens of millions of dollars for weapons-dismantling programs -- which Moscow then used to pay for its nuclear missile buildup

  • How Clinton has shortchanged vital military and intelligence programs by diverting some $80 billion a year from defense to domestic programs that reward corporations and political donors

  • The bogus Pentagon secretariat created by Clinton to siphon defense money for non-defense programs

  • How the administration saddled the armed forces with more nonvital and nonmilitary missions, while drastically cutting budget and personnel

  • How Clinton appointees in the Energy Department severely undermined U.S. nuclear weapons programs

  • How Clinton's decision to halt underground nuclear testing, combined with his ideological aversion to strategic defense, threatened the viability of our strategic nuclear deterrent

  • How the president's stubborn opposition to a missile defense system delayed deployment by at least two years

  • How Secretary of State Madeleine Albright deceived Congress about North Koreas nuclear buildup

  • Why Albrights deputy (and long-time Clinton crony) Strobe Talbott scuttled an intelligence program warning of the growing threat of Russia's nuclear arms

  • How Clinton and his advisers blocked U.N. efforts to uncover Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and missiles

  • Was Operation Desert Fox timed to distract from Clinton's impeachment? The evidence mounts

  • Suggestions for the next president in righting Clinton's dismal legacy in the areas of: Foreign policy leadership * missile defense * military power * trade * China * Russia

  • HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE COX REPORT on how American governmental and corporate ties to China have endangered national security

Implications? What was unthinkable only a few years ago is now all too likely: that America will be challenged militarily by nations with power comparable to our own, in the relatively near future.

Betrayal comes not a moment too soon for these prominent authorities:

"Mr. Gertz has performed a signal service by writing this thorough, frightening, and sad chronicle of how we fell from our ability to provide leadership in the quest for peace without appeasement." -- Caspar Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense

"This will be the Clinton Administration's least favorite book on its foreign policy. But the rebuttals are likely to be long on adjectives and short on refutation, for these tough charges are backed, the Gertz way, by fact after fact after fact."-- Former CIA Director James Woolsey

More effectively than any journalist in recent times, Bill Gertz has uncovered a continuing parade of threats to our national security and exposed the mishandling of those threats by government operatives. This book, which reviews a litany of Clinton Administration errors, also serves as a critical reminder that the world remains a dangerous place, filled with challenges for U.S. foreign policy ... Gertz tells it like it is. -- U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ)

I know of no national security reporter in the U.S. who is better sourced or more respected for accuracy than Bill Gertz. His reporting is essential reading for those who wish to stay in the know. And so is this book." -- James Webb, former Secretary of the Navy

"Gertz takes the reader from the icy waters of Puget Sound where a Russian merchant ship fires a laser at a U.S. Navy intelligence officer to secret meetings inside the White House for discussions of nuclear weapons technology and China. Every American who cares about this country and where we are going as we approach the next millennium should read this book." -- Brigadier General David E. 'Bull' Baker, USAF (Ret)

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Liberal journalists take aim at Ken Starr -- but hit Bill Clinton
Result? An eye-opening investigation of the historic clash between President and Prosecutor -- and a potentially fatal blow to the Clinton "legacy"

We confess we were skeptical when HarperCollins Publishers invited us to New York to read the manuscript for this book under conditions of strictest confidentiality. Its title -- Truth at Any Cost: Ken Starr and the Unmaking of Bill Clinton -- seemed to promise, we said, the usual liberal nonsense about an "out of control" Independent Counsel hell-bent on "getting" our poor put-upon President.

Well, came the answer, maybe that's what they expected when they commissioned this book by two prominent reporters -- one from the Washington Post, the other from Time magazine. But it's not what they got. Come and read: you won't be disappointed.

So we did, and we weren't. In fact, we found this one of the most scrupulously objective exposes we've ever read -- and all the more damning to Bill Clinton for that. Susan Schmidt and Michael Weiskoff take nothing at face value, digging past all the White House lies and Big Media propaganda to discover what really went on during the impeachment battle. What they found about Kenneth Starr and his team will give you renewed respect for these brave (yes, brave) civil servants. What they found about Clinton and his ruthless band of political thugs will chill you to the bone, and make you fear for our country's future. Some highlights (just the tip of the iceberg):

  • How, throughout the Starr investigation, the Clintons operated "like a crime family, expecting friends and aides to protect them even against their own best interests"
  • Did Starr's team leak grand jury testimony? Bully Monica and other witnesses? Collude with Paula Jones's lawyers? The authors consider each allegation in turn, and deliver an "innocent" verdict on every one
  • Who really leaked that grand jury testimony? The evidence is inconclusive -- but points directly to the White House
  • Ex-journalist turned Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal's "private campaign" to discredit Starr by placing damaging stories with his pro-Clinton pals in the press
  • How the White House feigned cooperation with Starr's probe while doing all they could to "delay, obfuscate, and most of all, litigate"
  • Revealed: The desperate White House "search party" for Lewinsky when word leaked she was negotiating with Starr
  • Clinton's startling admission ("He confessed completely!") to a White House "spiritual adviser" right after the Lewinsky scandal broke
  • The secret meeting between Betty Currie and Clinton's legal team -- just before her grand jury testimony
  • Why Currie went into hiding -- literally -- when the White House first learned she was talking to Starr
  • Did the media play up White House allegations of a connection between Starr and "right-wing philanthropist" Richard Mellon Scaife while knowing them to be baseless?
  • How the ineptness and ego of William Ginsburg, Monica's first lawyer, sabotaged an early deal with Starr
  • White House insider's revealing boast about "our continuing campaign to destroy Ken Starr"
  • The "unbearable" pressure brought by Clinton loyalists on a Maryland prosecutor, to force her to investigate Linda Tripp
  • Those outrageous media reports about Starr's staffers: Guess where they came from?
  • What phone records reveal about Clinton's involvement in the preparation of Lewinsky's false affidavit denying their affair
  • Why Starr came to believe that Janet Reno was "a modern-day Pontius Pilate" who betrayed her oath to protect Clinton
  • How Reno's deputy, Eric Holder, may have secretly helped Clinton's lawyers to intimidate Starr's prosecutors
  • How Clinton pressured his hand-picked Secret Service director to keep other agents from talking
  • Why Starr's home had to be put under 24-hour federal guard. The "serious threats" against his college-age daughter
  • Exposed: the "journalistic alchemy" by which the magazine Brill's Content turned an interview with Starr into a seeming confession of grand jury leaks. What publisher Steven Brill concealed from readers about his own ties to Clinton

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How Bill Clinton and Janet Reno turned the U.S. Justice Department into a factory of deceit, lies, and scandals

Waco in flames. Five-year-old EliGonzz captured at gunpoint and returned to Communist tyranny. Chinese Communists funding the Democratic Partys campaign efforts. Whistle-blowers and investigators smeared, hounded, slandered, and politically destroyed. The use of lawsuits to hound enemies and advance political agendas.

This is the true Clinton legacy: the wreckage that Bill Clinton and Janet Reno have made of justice and the rule of law. And with their spin doctors and media lapdogs working round the clock to blur their record, they might have gotten away with it at least until the appearance of David Limbaughs Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department. Limbaugh, the brother of conservative radio giant Rush Limbaugh, fearlessly reveals how far the Department of Justice has fallen during the misrule of Bill Clinton.

Packed with documentation that the liberal pundits dutifully swept under the rug for eight years, Absolute Power is stunning, haunting reading that no lover of freedom can afford to ignore. Limbaugh tells the truth about how Bill Clinton and Janet Reno tossed aside facts and evidence with impunity when they interfered with their political goals, and chronicles the Clinton administrations unprecedented abuse of power for personal and political gain. There will be more Bill Clintons and Janet Renos and more assaults on law and liberty unless Americans learn the lessons of Absolute Power, and dedicate themselves to reestablishing justice in the Justice Department and the Executive Branch.

The Clinton-Reno record rampant corruption and trampling of the rule of law:

  • The early signal Janet Reno sent that her Justice Department would serve the political ends of Slick Willie rather than the ends of justice

  • Why Renos unprecedented firing of all 93 United States attorneys was so important to the Clinton agenda

  • How Renos moves against big tobacco paved the way for government lawsuits against the alcohol or fast food industries or any business it doesnt like

  • The BATF: how looming Congressional budget hearings made them look for a way to play the hero and find their chance in Waco

  • The flimsy foundation for ATF allegations that Wacos Branch Davidians were involved in drug dealing

  • Hillary: the facts about her incompetence, political paranoia, allergy to the truth, arrogance, and abuse of power

  • How even Al Gores brother-in-law insisted that the Justice Department had no authority to bring a civil lawsuit against tobacco companies

  • Travelgate: how Hillary pressured her lackeys over at Justice to trump up charges of corruption against the Travel Office employees to cover her own political tracks

  • Why the Travel Office? How the Arkansas travel agency Clinton wanted to bring to Washington helped Slick Willie finance crucial primaries (by creative billing procedures!)

  • Hillarys five-point strategy to discredit and destroy Kenneth Starr, and to cover up the truth about Monicagate at all costs

  • Renos desperate attempts to find any reason to fire or prosecute Ken Starr no matter how baseless

  • Vindication: seven specific ways that Starr has been exonerated of all the charges brought against him by Clinton, Reno, and the liberal media

  • Linda Tripp: guess which top Clinton official called her a substantive, savvy, and experienced professional? (Before the Monica storm broke!)

  • How two Pentagon employees trampled on Tripps right to privacy and left her reputation in tatters and were allowed to get away with it by Reno

  • The abuse of executive privilege: why Clinton invoked this right ten times more often than Presidents Ford, Carter, and Bush

  • When Clinton went too far even for the Gray Lady: the day the New York Times editorialized against his alarming attempt to extend presidential power

  • Clinton at work for the American people: the breakneck pace of Democratic party fundraisers he attended during 1996

  • The most pernicious unindicted criminal in the world: how a man who gave nuclear materials to North Korea and Iran ended up on the Democratic partys fundraising list

  • The truth about Clintons charge that Republicans raise more money, they raise more foreign money, they raise more money in big contributions, and we take all the heat

  • Al Gore: Clintons Solicitor-in-Chief. How he and Clinton micromanaged strategies to get money for the Democratic party and no deal was too shady

  • The day Janet Reno danced: when she had to find an excuse to reject Republican requests that she investigate Democratic campaign finance improprieties

  • Damning evidence that proves Al Gore lied to FBI investigators about whether or not he knew that he was attending fundraisers and how Reno rode to his rescue

  • The man who funneled money from Chinas Peoples Liberation Army to the Democratic National Committee: the White House is like a subway, he noted. You have to put in coins to open gates

  • How the Justice Department was implicated in the destruction of evidence of the fundraising illegalities and ignored a subpoena about the incident

  • If you keep your mouth shut, you and your family will be safe: the chilling message received by one man who testified about illegal Democratic fundraising

  • How Clinton, mad with greed for contributions, deliberately ignored national security concerns and gave valuable technology to the Chinese military

  • Bill Lann Lee: how Clinton shredded the Constitution to get him into the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and demonstrated his contempt for Congress

  • How Clinton pardoned convicted Puerto Rican terrorists in New York to get political points for Hillarys Senate campaign and why it backfired

  • Eli how Clinton lied and reneged on promises that the boy would not be seized in a nighttime raid

  • Why the Immigration and Naturalization Service completely ignored its own guidelines in considering Eli#8217;s case just to suit Clintons political needs

  • The overall Clinton-Reno record in the Elicase: more deceit, betrayal, brute force, and politicized justice

How Janet stood by her man:

When congressional and independent counsel investigations struck close to the administration, Reno conveniently assumed jurisdiction over the investigation and became the presidents surrogate stonewaller. While pretending to conduct investigations, she blocked Congress, denying it access to critical information and stalled long enough to stifle whatever momentum and progress investigators had achieved. Just as Clinton failed to maintain a wall of separation between his private and public lives, he misappropriated Justice to do his private dirty work and refused to keep his private attorneys separate from the Justice Department.

Even when matters as serious as national security and illegal foreign campaign contributions were involved, Reno, instead of performing her constitutional duty to enforce and uphold the law, used her office to insulate the Clinton-Gore administration from scrutiny and resulting accountability. When Charles LaBella, the Special Task Force attorney she appointed to investigate the campaign finance scandal, recommended the appointment of an independent counsel, she brazenly ignored the request and denied Congress access to LaBellas recommending memo.

The Clinton-Gore Justice Department, from Waco to Eli with Travelgate, Chinagate, Monicagate, and the illegal war on tobacco in between was one continuous, perfidious scandal factory. The nation cannot long endure such corruption and abuses of power.

How Janet stood by her man:

When congressional and independent counsel investigations struck close to the administration, Reno conveniently assumed jurisdiction over the investigation and became the presidents surrogate stonewaller. While pretending to conduct investigations, she blocked Congress, denying it access to critical information and stalled long enough to stifle whatever momentum and progress investigators had achieved. Just as Clinton failed to maintain a wall of separation between his private and public lives, he misappropriated Justice to do his private dirty work and refused to keep his private attorneys separate from the Justice Department.

Even when matters as serious as national security and illegal foreign campaign contributions were involved, Reno, instead of performing her constitutional duty to enforce and uphold the law, used her office to insulate the Clinton-Gore administration from scrutiny and resulting accountability. When Charles LaBella, the Special Task Force attorney she appointed to investigate the campaign finance scandal, recommended the appointment of an independent counsel, she brazenly ignored the request and denied Congress access to LaBellas recommending memo.

The Clinton-Gore Justice Department, from Waco to Eli with Travelgate, Chinagate, Monicagate, and the illegal war on tobacco in between was one continuous, perfidious scandal factory. The nation cannot long endure such corruption and abuses of power.

How the media did their part for Clintonism:

Starrs enemies made their myriad allegations against him with a ferocious intensity. The press was awash with stories daily about Starrs alleged misconduct. In fact, in many instances, media outlets just dropped the alleged. The media questioned Starrs every step in proving Clintons culpability, but accepted every allegation against Starr. During the heat of this nearly unilateral PR battle Starr was admittedly inept at public relations it was difficult for the casual observer to tell who was telling the truth. The people who made the most noise and had the most media support won. Their victory saved Bill Clintons presidency. Only after Clintons fate was determined did the facts begin to come out about the illegitimacy of the charges against Starr. Even then, they were barely publicized.

Our last hope?

These offenses are so stark, so stunning, and, most of all, have gone so unpunished, that it leaves you dumbfounded. The lesson of the Clinton-Gore administration is that you can politicize justice, use the executive branch of government to punish political enemies, abuse executive power for personal, and political ends and get away with it. All it requires is brazenness, stubbornness, a loyal staff of yes-men, dagger-men, and smear artists, and an absent conscience. Its a recipe that other politicians are sure to follow. Unless, that is, the new administration and Congress, which has oversight authority takes drastic steps to restore the integrity of the Justice Department. There are, of course, many good and true lawyers in the department, and much reform will come almost automatically with the appointment of a new attorney general.

But these last eight years should serve as a warning. The Clinton-Gore administrations politicization of the Justice Department has no parallel in our nations history, and this dangerous period, which made federal law enforcement a political calculation, must never be repeated. It is up to George W. Bushs administration to set a different course, the right course one where law trumps politics and justice is administered equally. Thats what America deserves. As involved citizens, thats what we should expect.

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Is Bill Clinton a Chinese agent?
Or does he (as this book shows) just act like one?

War is inevitable between China and the U.S., said Chinese General Chi Haotian in December 1999. What is Bill Clinton doing about it? For reasons only he knows, hes doing everything he can to make sure that China has what it needs to win that war, whenever it may come as Bill Gertz demonstrates again and again in The China Threat: The Plan to Defeat America.

Gertz reveals in chilling detail that the threat to our national security is real, and growing every day. He explains Chinas long-term strategic plan to defeat the United States, and shows how their actions today are all in service of that plan. Gertz, a veteran China watcher and the author of Betrayal : How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security, even discloses Chinas disturbing plan to outwit and neutralize American military forces a plan theyve already set in motion by moving to take control of the Panama Canal.

This is the book to give to anyone who thinks Chinas intentions are benign. Gertz shows how China acts like Americas worst enemy every day, giving military and other aid to rogue states like North Korea, Iran, and Libya. With unblinking clarity, he traces how China has pilfered all the secrets of our strategic weaponry. And worst of all, he tells the outrageous story of how China has done all this with the Clinton-Gore administration as its biggest booster keeping Slick Willie, Al Gore, and their cronies fat and happy by contributing to the Democratic Party. Gertz demonstrates how, in effect, Clinton and Gore are sponsoring a U.S.-financed buildup of Chinas military a military the Chinese plan to use against us.

What Clintons most favored nation has been up to lately:

  • The curious meeting between a top Chinese official and an internationally known producer of counterfeit American money

  • How Chinas state-controlled press compared the U.S. to Nazi Germany and the Defense Secretarys eyebrow-raising response

  • Al Gore: why China wants so badly to see him become President along with at least two more Democrats after him

  • Yes, Chinese Christians are being persecuted! Why the majority of American clergy have greeted this news with a yawn

  • How the Washington Post, the New York Times and other major media outlets have toed the Chinese line down to the smallest detail

  • Revealed: The Sixteen-Character Policy, Chinas unnerving blueprint for its covert and overt efforts to steal or buy sensitive military technology

  • Solid plans China is making now to conquer Taiwan and neutralize U.S. opposition

  • The Panama Canal: why it may be the key to Taiwans survival and how Clinton is helping Beijing take it over now

And what the Slick One and his pals have been doing about it:

  • How Clinton violated American laws to give China technology that made American cities easier targets for Chinese nuclear strikes

  • What Al Gore asked from the Chinese promising that if they gave it to him, hed give China whatever it wanted

  • Why the Pentagon has no preparatory plans or scenarios to help set up Americas defenses in a war with China

  • How the Lockheed Martin Corporation illegally helped China develop satellite rockets that carry multiple nuclear warheads and Clintons slightly less than patriotic reaction

  • The Commander-in-Chiefs deceptive reference to China as a former communist power and how far from the truth this really is

  • Treason? The astoundingly blaseaction of the Clinton administration to the news that China had stolen the secrets of Americas advanced warheads and missiles

  • How the Clinton administration systematically dismantled the export controls that had kept valuable technology from getting to China

  • The Horse: how a man suspected of giving top military secrets to the Chinese ended up defining strategies for future U.S. interests in the Pacific region

  • How the administration reacted to news that China was using U.S. supercomputers in nuclear testing (Hint: it wasnt by restricting Chinese access to American computer technology!)

  • The shameful details of why Janet Reno added Taiwan to the list of top spying threats to the U.S.

  • Twelve reasons advanced by some of Americas leading China experts for why China is not a threat: why each is tragically na and just plain wrong

  • Finally: the full, strange story of the arrest and indictment of Wen Ho Lee

  • The bright side: the exploits of the few courageous politicians whove been standing up to the Clinton-Gore administrations total capitulation to China

Member Book Reviews

Though the book gives pretty comprehesive anaylsis about the potential threats from PRC to US, it does not link the Chinese military build up as well as systematic spying against US with history of China. Without strong upright foundation, China will never be able to standup to challenge US except stir up other rogue states to cause troubles to US. So, in fact, China is only capable to be a trouble maker, not a real challenger. Unless the US herself erodes her own foundation that was built two hundred years with strong Christian faith, no need to have China come into the picture, US will be serious weakened by herself.

I think the book has all the facts from the surface but the wrong conclusion. If you realy understand the history, no strong national ever was destroyied by outside world unless itself was seriously weaken by its own sin.

Click Here to Order The China Threat: How the Peoples Republic Targets America

Bill Clinton pledged to run "the most ethical administration in the history of the republic." In High Crimes and Misdemeanors, conservative lawyer and pundit Ann Coulter finds this promise laughably off the mark. Although she devotes a fair amount of space to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Coulter covers the gamut of Clinton controversies, from the Whitewater deal to the death of Vincent Foster to Filegate (plus others--ever heard of "Wampumgate"?). Her tone is aggressively anti-Clinton, but she also has the virtue of engaging and straightforward prose that explains why each individual scandal matters. (The chapter on Whitewater begins: "This is the boring part. Whitewater gets interesting only when you understand why it is boring. It is boring by design, like a New York Times editorial. Don't skip to the next chapter! That's just what the Clintons want you to do.") The best section of the book is a serious examination of the impeachment process--how the Founding Fathers envisioned it, how it's been used throughout history, and why, in Coulter's opinion, it should be invoked against Clinton. --John J. Miller

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Slick Willie II
Stone, Deborah J.; Manion, Christopher
Conservative journalist Deborah J. Stone and scholar Christopher Manion document exhaustively, with no fewer than 619 footnotes, as well as complete transcripts of their principal interviews just why the Clinton administration is perhaps the most incompetent and corrupt in history.

Click Here to Order Slick Willie II


Is this liberal journalist part of the "vast right-wing conspiracy"?
Is this liberal journalist part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” or is he just telling the truth about the Clinton White House? Howard Kurtz, reporter for the Washington Post, gives the first behind-the-scenes account of the Clinton White House as it attempts to package and control the news by manipulating, misleading, and intimidating the press.

Click Here to Order The Spin Cycle: Inside the Clinton Propaganda Machine


Vindicated at last: the House Managers of Bill Clintons impeachment trial
... in this explosive behind-the-scenes account based on in-depth interviews with all 13 managers

One of the principal benefits you get as a Club member is notice about key books that the media elite would rather you didnt know about. Mission: Impeachable: The House Managers and the Historic Impeachment of President Clinton is a prime example. Shunned by the establishment presses, it might not even have been published were it not for the Clubs support!

Quite simply, this is one of the most significant books well bring to your attention this year or any year. Its a magisterial vindication of the actions (and even the motives) of the thirteen House Managers who took the case for the impeachment of Bill Clinton to a Senate filled with hostile Democrats and cowardly Republicans. Profiling each House Manager in turn -- using information gathered in exclusive one-on-one interviews -- Alan Snyder tells the behind-the-scenes story of how these men stood firm against vicious smears and brazen threats to uphold the rule of law.

Snyder shows how their religious faith (almost all of them are committed Christians) and respect for the Constitution guided them through every painful step of Clintons impeachment trial so that their behavior shines in telling contrast to that of the corrupt and venal Chief Executive they tried to bring to justice. Thats why this is a book not just for today, but for the ages. It proves that even in these dark days, America can still produce heroes.

The New York Times and the Washington Post may stonewall about Mission: Impeachable, but its getting attention from every source that isnt afraid to tell the truth about how respectable Washington let a perjured President get away with his crimes. World magazines Marvin Olasky, asked to endorse the book, was so moved and inspired by it that he wrote an entire Foreword! And the two leading conservative websites, and WorldNet Daily, have been just as enthusiastic. Read Mission: Impeachable, and youll see why the silence from the liberal camp is deafening and why conservatives everywhere are singing its praises.

A few of the revelations in Mission: Impeachable:

  • How the Democrats dishonored themselves by ignoring the evidence and trying to protect the President at all costs

  • The Senate Republicans: why they cooperated with the Democrats to make a mockery of justice and get Bill Clinton off the hook

  • Private conduct: the telling observations of several House Managers about why it matters so enormously and the tremendous influence it can have on the public activities of elected officials

  • What Hillary would like to forget: how she helped develop the legal justification that allowed for her husbands impeachment

  • Liberal Democrats: how they succeeded in making Clintons impeachment a referendum on abortion, Social Security, Medicaid, and their other pet issues

  • Henry Hyde: the true extent of his courage and statesmanship in leading the impeachment battle

  • The House Manager who wasnt afraid to proclaim that many of Americas problems stem from turning our backs on God

  • Monica Lewinsky: how she used Clintonesque verbal tricks to evade the truth during her deposition

  • Politically dead? The facts about how the House Managers fared in the 2000 election when they were supposed to be doomed because of their opposition to Clinton

  • How Christian principles guided and consoled many of the House Managers through the darkest days of the impeachment proceedings

EXCERPT: Senators use Mafia-style threats to intimidate the House Managers

The House had voted articles of impeachment. The House Managers, planning their strategy in the tension-filled interregnum between the House vote and the Senate trial, felt the heat from those who did not want a genuine removal effort. One evening, Chris Cannon of Utah received back-to-back phone calls from two Senators. One of the calls, Cannon remembers, was terse and direct: Youre going to do the following. Were going to have a 24-hour period. Youre going to make a presentation. Theres not going to be any trial. Youre not going to have any witnesses. And thats what youre going to do. Cannons response was just as direct: No, Senator. I dont think thats what were going to do. This did not please the Senator, who ended the call with what sounded like a threat: Well, youre going to do that or youre going to have a problem.

The other call was not as direct at first, and it certainly was not terse because it continued for forty-five minutes:

Of course it started out, I hope youll do this. Then it was, youre going to do this. Then it was, Ill beat the hell out of you if you dont do this. And then it was profanity andvulgarity, and it kept going, and I realized this guy was going to talk to me until I capitulate. And so I said, You know, Senator, my staff has been with me while Ive been talking on the phone for the last forty-five minutes. They are working their hearts out. They havent had dinner. I thought this would be a two-minute Senatorial conversation and its been forty-five minutes. Ive got to go. And it was Chris, dont you hang up; dont you leave. I said, Senator, Ive got to go. So I hung up. Now, that was pressure that we clearly felt. As it turns out, they went to have dinner, and I had to go to a meeting without dinner . . . to a meeting of the House Managers.

I walked in and the thirteen members were there and I said, Henry [Hyde], you need to understand about two phone calls I got. I explained those phone calls. Henry looked up and said, has anybody else had those phone calls? Three guys nodded their heads.

"Worthy of a Pulitzer nomination"

"Professor Snyder's research is impeccable, his logic insightful. His access to those with the best information on what really happened and his understanding of the process makes this an invaluable guidebook to history and worthy of a Pulitzer nomination."
-- JERRY SEPER, investigative reporter for The Washington Times

Heres a book many of us have been waiting for the one that proclaims the House impeachment managers as heroes and recounts their courageous actions in carrying out their Constitutional duties.
JOSEPH FARAH, editor, WorldNet Daily

The House Managers are vindicated! This book is a must-read if you want to know what really happened during Bill Clintons impeachment.
CHRISTOPHER RUDDY, President/CEO of and author of The Strange Death of Vincent Foster

"Some books are for the present, some are for the future. Mission: Impeachable is for both. Historians a century from now will turn to this book to understand more about the personalities and principles of the House Managers, but readers now can gain nuggets of insight. . . . John F. Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize almost half a century ago for his book Profiles in Courage. Alan Snyder has produced an equally valuable work. . . . In 1998 and 1999, when the President of the United States had lied under oath, a few, a happy few, a band of brothers risked their reputations in an attempt to bring him to justice. If in the year 2100 the United States still is the land of the free and the home of the brave, it will be because of the courage you see described in these pages, and the courage of others in the 21st century who also refused to take the easy road."
-- MARVIN OLASKY, editor of World magazine, from his Foreword

Member Book Reviews

Without question one of the best books I have ever read. Easy to read and concise. My pride in my Country has been enhanced and my gratitude for those members of Congress for standing for law and order has re-established my faith in our system of government. Wonderful book! Thank you for featuring it.
N Blough Florida

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As a former Chicago prosecutor, I thought Id seen treachery, doublecrosses and sellouts. But what I saw behind the scenes at the Clinton impeachment shocked me to my core!

It was a sellout. A pitiful, cowardly sellout ... right from the start! Theyll call me a liar ... a traitor ... and worse. But I was there. At the impeachment. Every day. Behind the closed doors. I was there when the deals went down. When the cowardly GOP senators surrendered. When the brave House managers were sold down the river. I saw it all. The small lies, the big lies and the damn lies. Its time to tell the truth ... and name the names. I just cant keep silent about it any more.

So speaks David Schippers, a tough, veteran prosecutor and the former Chief Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee. Schippers is an honest Democrat who worked with Ken Starr to make the case against Bill Clinton. For his courage he was smeared, vilified, and all but crucified: in other words, he got the full Carville-Clinton treatment. And did his allies rush to his defense? Hardly! The Republicans were intent only on pursuing bipartisanship (that is, abject surrender).

But David Schippers still has faith in the American people. Even though Clinton wasnt convicted, Schippers is convinced that if American voters know the whole story including the parts that were covered up by the slavishly liberal media they wont elect any more Clintons (or Gores). Thats why he wrote Sellout. This is the one book that finally answers the question of why Clinton remains in office despite the fact that his supporters, his detractors, and even every late-night comic knows what Monica Lewinsky said so well: The Big Creep lied!

If you think you know where your senators and representatives stand, think again: heres the inside story of how things really get done in Washington

Even if you followed the impeachment stories in the media every day or if youve read any of the journalistic rehashes that have come out lately youll find a great deal thats new in Sellout. Because Schippers is beholden to neither party and because he was in on the most gruesome details of Clintons behavior from the beginning hes uniquely positioned to tell you the truth that the Democrats and the media dont want you to know, and that the Republicans are too ashamed to tell you.

Its explosive, often disturbing reading, taking you into the back rooms where principles are shredded and political deals are done. Its not for the squeamish: Schippers warns that if you ever plan to vote again, well ... you might not have the stomach to handle what really happened at the impeachment of Bill Clinton!

Schippers names names and fearlessly reveals:

  • Never-before-released evidence of Clinton misdeeds that literally sickened jaded, veteran politicians and traps Clinton in an enormous web of lies, deceit, and obstruction of justice

  • The Republican senator who shouted: I dont care if you have proof that Clinton raped a woman and shot her dead, youre still not going to get 67 votes!

  • The respected GOP senator who told Schippers and the House managers, Youre not going to dump this garbage on us! before hed even looked at any of the evidence!

  • The evidence that was developed but never viewed by Democrats in the House or by anyone in the Senate (because they didnt want to know!)

  • The House Democrats who were appalled by the evidence (one even blurted out, My God, this is indefensible. The man is a perjurer, a liar, hes obstructing justice. How can we defend him?) and yet still voted against impeachment

  • The Senate Republican who was asked if all 100 Senators planned to ignore their oath to do equal and impartial justice. His response? Youre damn right they are!

  • How Janet Reno blatantly stonewalled and obstructed justice throughout the Clinton scandals and impeachment

  • What went on in private meetings during which the Republican leadership stripped Schippers and the House managers of their ability to investigate Clinton fully

  • How and why Republicans conspired together with Democrats to conceal the most damning evidence of impeachable and even criminal offenses

  • The Senate Democrat who brushed aside centuries-old rules for presenting witnesses and evidence in a trial by declaring brazenly: we make our own rules

  • The inside story of the White Houses brutal spin campaign to discredit and destroy Ken Starr and how the media lapped it up

  • Crimes that never made it to the impeachment report: including the Al Gore-directed INS scheme to rush the naturalization of thousands of aliens with criminal records as Amrican citizens so that they could vote Democrat in 1996

  • Chilling new evidence about Clintons abuse and intimidation of Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and Dolly Kyle Browning new details of bully-boy threats made against them both before and after the impeachment (one was told, we will destroy you)

  • The courageous, truth-defending speech Schippers was barred from making publicly to the House Judiciary Committee, recommending impeachment of the President

  • The proof: when, where, and how the President lied under oath straight from the official transcripts

  • And much more that strips the cover off some of the biggest names in politics establishing their cravenness beyond the shadow of a doubt!

Member Book Reviews

The revelations present in this book are not so much shocking as disheartening. I speak not of the revelations regarding the former President and his penchant for debauchery and excess to the dishonor of whatever elected office he may hold, but rather the shameless complicity of the Senate Republican leadership in ensuring that the facts regarding Mr. Clinton's crimes did not see daylight during his Impeachment trial. It seems obvious that the focus of said leadership, most notably Senators Lott and Stevens, was more on the elections in 2000 rather than the state of American Justice in 1998 and the notion of no one being above the law, the very foundation of American jurisprudence. Valid and damaging evidence was not presented, the Senate had made up its mind well in advance to put on a show trial for the benefit of the cameras; but we find in a Democrat, a liberal no less (speaking here of the author, who played no small part in the efforts to provide the Senate with a clear-cut and conclusive case against Mr. Clinton), the kind of staunch respect of and intense devotion to the law which was so very absent in the hearts and minds of those Senators who swore to adjudicate the case presented on its merits. Mr. Schippers deserves the respect of every American who themselves respect the Law of this land, above that of any one man, of any institution. Without the Law we are a mob, not a Nation. Mr. Schippers and the House Managers were willing to 'go to the mattresses' to ensure that Justice was done...but apparently the Senate Leadership was made an offer they couldn't increased prabability that they would stay in office. What price Liberty? Simple, the price of re-election. Thank You, Mr. Schippers for revealing the depth of shame present in our Government...not in the White House per se, as that was been corrected, but within the walls of the Capitol itself.

Click Here to Order Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment

Don't look for President Clinton's picture in The Book of Virtues; bestselling author and former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett considers Bill Clinton uniquely unvirtuous. In the wake of the White House intern sex scandal, Bennett accuses Clinton of crimes at least as serious as those committed by Richard Nixon during the Watergate imbroglio. Rising above anti-Clinton polemics, The Death of Outrage urges the American public--which initially displayed not much more than a collective shrug--to take issue with the president's private and public conduct. Clinton should be judged by more than the state of the economy, implores Bennett. The commander in chief sets the moral tone of the nation; a reckless personal life and repeated lying from the bully pulpit call for a heavy sanction. The American people should demand nothing less, says the onetime federal drug czar. In each chapter, Bennett lays out the rhetorical defenses made on Clinton's behalf (the case against him is "only about sex," harsh judgmentalism has no place in modern society, independent counsel Kenneth Starr is a partisan prosecutor, etc.) and picks them apart. He may not convince everybody, but this is an effective conservative brief against Bill Clinton. --John J. Miller

Click Here to Order The Death of Outrage: Bill Clinton and the Assault on American Ideals

First at the Washington Post, and later at Newsweek, Michael Isikoff researched the stories that helped turn Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Linda Tripp, and Monica Lewinsky into household names. Uncovering Clinton is his version of All the President's Men, a play-by-play account of how he put the pieces together and gradually came to the conclusion, based on the allegations surrounding Bill Clinton's sexual behavior, that the president of the United States was "psychologically disturbed."

But Uncovering Clinton is also about how Isikoff had to fight with his own editors to get his reporting into print and how he fell victim on multiple occasions to online gossip columnist Matt Drudge, who stole Isikoff's thunder by printing items about stories that hadn't run. He also found himself caught up in the machinations of Linda Tripp and her literary agent, Lucianne Goldberg, as they schemed to manipulate the president and his paramour into a compromising situation. Isikoff is up-front about the frustrations he experienced on the journalistic trail; although he wanted to think of himself as another Seymour Hersh when he set out on the Jones story, he writes, "instead, I was starting to feel like Geraldo Rivera." Even though just about everybody knows the basic story at this point, Uncovering Clinton is still as lively a read as any political thriller--and all the more unsettling for being true. --Ron Hogan

Click Here to Order Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story


At the beginning of this slim polemic, Peggy Noonan states that she does not hate the first lady, she merely has contempt for her, and in The Case Against Hillary Clinton she explains precisely why. Noonan's objections to Hillary Clinton and her husband ("to understand her you have to understand him") are based both on ideology and style--Noonan considers the Clintons to be self-involved know-it-alls who "stand for one thing: maximum and uninterrupted power for the Clintons." "They have made the American political landscape a lower and lesser thing," she writes. "They have stopped good things from happening, and have allowed bad things to occur; when caught they have covered up and dissembled." Noonan describes Hillary's bid for a Senate seat in a state not her own as "a thing of utter and breathtaking gall." She further dismisses Mrs. Clinton's ability to lead at all, citing the botched health-care initiative, Filegate, Travelgate, and chronic lying by both of the Clintons as evidence. Perhaps Noonan's most persuasive argument against Hillary is that, although she has been in a position to do much good, she has accomplished little on her own: "I am often frustrated with her because she could do some real good, and at a crucial time, and doesn't.... I can't think of a single time in seven years that she jeopardized her position with her base to make progress for her country."

A speechwriter for Ronald Reagan who chronicled her own White House experiences in the book What I Saw at the Revolution, Noonan exercises plenty of creative license in these pages, mostly effectively by inventing dialogue, events, and inner thoughts that serve to illustrate Mrs. Clinton's motives and character as Noonan sees them. And the author notes, as have others, that Mrs. Clinton's Senate race is likely just a first step on the road to the White House: "So New York is the battle that may decide the war. This Senate bid has huge implications, not only for New York State but for the nation," she writes. In all, a persuasive case elegantly presented. --Linda Killian

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Joyce Milton was, by her own admission, an avid Hillary Clinton supporter back in 1992, which makes her blockbuster biography of the First Lady doubly damning. Milton's fellow liberals, less honest than she, are livid. Witness this Clintonesque review of The First Partner in the American Library Assn. Booklist:

"Milton may not intend her biography as a hatchet job, but it will be a lot more popular with the 'vast right-wing conspiracy' than among those urging Hillary Clinton to run for a New York Senate seat.... Milton is more interested in dishing dirt than in understanding her subject; here, she adopts a 'gotcha' tone, whether the issue is Clinton's alleged bossiness in high school or her Arkansas real-estate deals. Although Milton's introduction opens by asserting that, in 1992, 'I felt I could identify with Hillary Rodham Clinton,' it closes with attacks on her subject's brainpower ... and attitudes.... [A] questionable choice as biographer."

The reason this book is shaking up the liberals isn't hard to guess. First Partner has to be one of the most revealing tales of corruption and arrogance ever told. Two more knee-jerk reviews:

"Criticisms of the Clintons specified in George Stephanopoulos's All Too Human pale in comparison to this damning indictment of 'first victim' Hillary Clinton. Through thoroughly researched descriptions of the healthcare debacle, Whitewater, Travelgate, and diplomatic trips abroad, Milton convincingly shows Hillary Clinton's leadership weaknesses. Ultimately, however, she presents a completely one-sided portrait, portraying the First Lady as a liberal ideologue who represents all that is bad about the Sixties -- which to Milton seems to be everything. According to Milton, Hillary tolerates Bill Clinton's infidelities -- her most significant accomplishment having been to save the president's career -- because she views her years as First Lady as a springboard to her political future."--Library Journal

"A biography of the First Lady that evaluates mostly negatively her performance as lawyer, politician, policy wonk, presidential advisor, as well as loyal and ambitious spouse. As Milton sees her, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a shapeshifter, 'rewriting the rules to suit whatever role [she] happens to be playing at the moment.' Reworking generally familiar material, Milton takes hard-working and competitive Hillary through her Illinois elementary school and Girl Scout troop, high school and Wellesley College.... A good part of the book is devoted to the Clintons' life in Arkansas, sullied by Bill's philandering, Hillary's penchant for insulting the people of Arkansas, the growing complexities of what became the Whitewater financial scandal ... and their combined talent for blaming other people for mistakes.... Once in the White House, according to the author, Hillary's demand to be a working First Lady and her general posture that people should accept what was best for them (by her standards) led to the health care fiasco, among other early disasters. Following the 1996 election, Hillary shifted her interest to the international scene, already planning for her post - White House years.... Throughout, the author questions Hillary's ethics, judgment, intelligence and abilities, and her manners.... [T]his story, complex and detailed as it is, is more spiteful than informative."--Kirkus Reviews

"Devastating accuracy"-- Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser

More of Dick Morris's honest assessment in National Review:

"Before she decides to run for Senate from New York, Mrs. Clinton would do well to review some of the unflattering biographical data that have been uncovered about her. This information will undoubtedly be recalled by her opponent and his partisans in any electoral contest....

"The portrait of Hillary Clinton [Milton] constructs is seriously at odds with much of the First Lady's carefully maintained image as an independent, tough feminist, brilliant lawyer, and gifted strategist who would have been a successful political figure on her own merit. Most striking is Mrs. Clinton's lifelong capacity to reinvent herself -- from her hair and eye color to her personal history. Milton chronicles these reinventions with devastating accuracy....

"The First Partner makes clear that the notion frequently advanced by the Clinton spin machine -- that Mrs. Clinton would have been a successful political figure without her extraordinary husband -- is simply fiction. The Hillary Rodham of the 1970s was a very different person from the Hillary Clinton of the 1990s. She was not charismatic, she was abrasive. She was not conciliatory, she was dogmatic. Her style, her manner, even her appearance were off-putting....

"Of course, another lesson of First Partner is that some things about a person never change. In her most recent makeover as the understanding wife, Mrs. Clinton has said that she believes in 'reconciliation and forgiveness.' Yet one constant in her life has been an amazing tenacity in holding grudges. What the future holds for Bill Clinton, if his wife ever gets her way with him, is a fascinating question."

Queen Hillary's next game plan. Will we be ready?

If you've been watching, appalled, at our shameful First Lady, this is your book. First Partner finally reveals what makes Hillary Clinton tick and how she managed to dupe America. Just as important, Joyce Milton throws new light on what prompts leftist intellectuals to don blinders and then praise their own vision. Will we be rid of Queen Hillary after 2001? Milton warns otherwise: "Doubtless she will be with us, testing out some new role or other, long after Bill Clinton has faded from the scene." Here's the book to be recalled whenever she does so.

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