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"Clinton's failure to grasp the opportunity to unravel increasingly organized extremists, coupled with Berger's assessments of their potential to directly threaten the U.S., represents one of the most serious foreign policy failures in American history." -Mansoor Ijaz, L.A. Times, December 5, 2001


Did you know that over the course of Clinton's presidency, there were 6 attacks linked to Bin Laden such as: 93 WTC bombing, 93 attack on U.S. Ranger in Somalia, 95 bombing in Saudi Arabia, 96 Khobar Towers attack, 98 attack on U.S. embassies in Africa, and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole?

Did you know that in 1993, Clinton sent U.S. soldiers into Somalia denying requests for armor support for an operation while giving the target of the covert action, Aidid, a marine guard later on while deciding to withdraw?

Did you know that in 1993, after the WTC bombing, then President Clinton warned America against overreacting?

Did you know that Bill Clinton's own political strategist, Dick Morris, publicly stated Clinton was not even interested in the WTC bombing while failing to visit the site of make an appearance on national television?

Did you know Clinton's own political strategist Dick Morris made it publicly known Clinton was oblivious to a terror alert and did nothing to stop the Khobar Towers attack?

Did you know a whistleblower that was part of the Gore Commission on Aviation Safety, Victoria Cummock, told of how then Vice-President Al Gore wrote a letter promising airlines his findings would not cost them a dime while also failing to implement changes that could have prevented 9-11 just to get campaign cash?

Did you know that on Sept. 10th (just a day before the date Bin Laden chose to strike America) in 1999 that Clinton granted clemency to 16 FALN terrorists in stark contradiction of his own words in 1996 of zero tolerance and stating in 1999 that U.S. foreign policy was no concessions to terrorism given the FALN had killed 6, injured dozens, and committed 139 bombings?

Did you know the Sunday Times of London quoted Bill Clinton saying that his decision not take the Sudanese offer to have Bin Laden handed over to the U.S. was the "biggest mistake" of his presidency?

Did you know an anonymous CIA source informed that Bill Clinton didn't Bin Laden, the man he called the most wanted in 1996, arrested?

Did you know that Bill Clinton turned down at least three offers by foreign governments to hand over Bin Laden and particularly Sudan, in which both a Clinton fundraiser Mansoor Ijaz and Clinton ambassador to Sudan Timothy Carney have publicly stated is true?

Did you know that a former Clinton supporter/fundraiser Mansoor Ijaz has documented proof that not only was Bin Laden offered to Clinton by Sudan, but they also offered a wealth of intelligence on his terrorist network that was also refused?

Did you know both the Associated Press and the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that former President Clinton had several opportunities to eliminate Bin Laden after he had been located and refused to authorize them?

Did you know that in December 2000, then President Clinton was presented with an operation to take out Bin Laden had been located and refused to green light it?

Did you know that in the wake on the 9-11 terrorist attack that Bill Clinton publicly lied on national television to the American people by stating that his wag the dog attack in 98 on Afghanistan with a cruise missile strike was the closet we came to getting Bin Laden while the military commander of it stated it was a million to one shot?

Did you know that in a speech at Georgetown University, Bill Clinton said America was paying a price for slavery as to provide amazing moral justification for the attack Bin Laden carried out on 9-11?

Did you know that the Washington Times dropped a bombshell when it reported that Bill Clinton in 1995 axed an FBI probe into Islamic Charities for terrorist connections?

Did you know that Vernon Jordan, a confidant of Bill Clinton, represented the head of the Capitol Trust Bank against charges of transferring millions to Bin Laden?

Did you know Bill Clinton authorized funding and support for the Taliban as part of a wider geo-political strategy to undermine Iran and partially because of wanting a pipeline?

Did you know that the Taliban had overextended themselves and were at a vulnerable point while then President Clinton made a promise not to undertake any action against them despite the pleas of Congressman Rohrabacher(R-CA) as reported by the UPI in 1999 even though the Taliban was harboring Bin Laden?

Did you know that Clinton provided covert support for the Taliban while his assistant secretary of state for South Asia Affairs, Robin Raphel, told the government of Afghanistan to give it up to the Taliban and providing a fiery defense of the Taliban?

Did you know that retired Col. Edward McCallum, head of Energy's Offices of Safeguards and Security, stated Clinton allowed visitors from state sponsors of terror like Iran, Iraq, and so forth to visit nuclear labs by comparing it to kicking open the doors and unlike Bush or Reagan, Clinton dropped background checks of visitors?

Did you know that the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, publicly stated that former President Clinton was not interested in fighting terrorism?

Did you know that the Clinton IRS that so gleefully audited Bill O'Reilly, the Heritage Foundation, and other critics of Bill & Hillary Clinton while not auditing Islamic charities like the Islamic African Relief Agency which paid for the truck used in the 1998 bombing and the Clinton state department gave them 4.2 million tax dollars in the form of grants?

Did you know that the Clinton Administration gave Occidental Petroleum exemptions to anti-terrorism laws prohibit U.S. companies from doing business with state sponsors of terrorism, which was likely to do with Occidentals long history of being in bed with Al Gore and his father?

Did you know Bill Clinton paid Iran 6 million dollars that it claimed an American Defense Contractor owed despite Iran being a state sponsor of terror and an American family who lost their daughter due to terrorism that the Islamic Jihad backed by Iran conducted, petitioned him not to do so?

Did you know Bill Clinton in a 'Wag the Dog' move, begin a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia while allying himself and embracing the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was a group of Marxist Muslims that trafficked drugs and were part of Bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist network while receiving their training in terrorist camps in Afghanistan?

Did you know Hillary Clinton lied on national television that Chelsea Clinton was out jogging near the WTC while Chelsea Clinton in an article stated she was a mile away staying with a friend?

Did you know that Chelsea Clinton had the audacity and mendacity to actually write an article saying that as she witnessed the WTC towers fall on television that she feared the Bush Tax Cut?

Did you know Hillary Clinton refused to attend all but three funerals for WTC victims only because those had mass media attention while not returning calls of other victims and while those that perished were her constituents?

Did you know that Hillary Clinton tried to stop a book from being published that detailed how she and her husband abused power in their "Final Days" written by Barbara Olson, simply because Hillary learned she died in the WTC attack?

Did you know that former President Clinton instituted a campaign to restrict the CIA from recruitment of human resources that severely hampered U.S. human intelligence?

Did you know that Bill Clinton spent more money, time, and resources going after Microsoft for alleged charges of trying to monopolize the internet browser market than he did going after Bin Laden?

Did you know former President Clinton received a letter at the end of his tenure from Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein, thanking him and expressing gratitude?

Did you know that there was a Secret Deal between former President Bill Clinton and terrorists linked to Bin Laden that would have given them an okay to overthrow Mubarak and take over Egypt while additionally leading to the deaths of 70 European tourists and injuries of hundreds more?

Did you know former President Bill Clinton turned intelligence agencies into cash cows and in one instance used the CIA to investigate Enron's British competitor?

Did you know former President Bill Clinton had Vice-President Al Gore sign an agreement with the Russians that allowed them to export weapons to Iran while subsequently subsidizing such weapons with American tax dollars?

Did you know former President Bill Clinton went as far as to export supercomputers, satellite technology and other things that only served to bolster Red China and its nuclear weapons program aimed at America?

Did you know that the Clinton Administration was warned of a kamikaze attack being carried out by Bin Laden in 1996?

Did you know that in 1999, Clinton received a report in 1999 warning of hijackings that would use planes to crash them into the Pentagon, CIA, or the White House?