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Clinton's Bin Laden-gate - Mother of all Scandals



"Everything was more important than fighting terrorism. Political correctness, civil liberties concerns, fear of offending the administration's supporters, Janet Reno's objections, considerations of cost, worries about racial profiling and, in the second term, surviving impeachment, all came before fighting terrorism." - Dick Morris, New York Post, Jan. 2, 2002

The terrorist attack that was perpetrated on Sept. 11th was a horrific even that forever changed America. It however was part of an ongoing effort by Bin Laden to wage a terrorist war on America in which he had previously attacked America six different times spanning over the entire Clinton administration. The result however was a very dismal response from Bill Clinton who is undoubtedly the worst and most corrupt President in our history.

Bill Clinton rather than respond and engage terrorism merely didn't even give it serious priority. Some of his apologists cite the ongoing investigation into his noted corruption, but that hardly stopped the President who didn't even meet with the CIA director from doing anything. What the Bin Laden-gate scandal represents the most damning of scandals and exemplifies his incompetence and neglect that plagued us for 8 gruesome years.

Despite the 9-11 attack being carried out after he left office, that does not negate his responsibility and complicity given it was the culmination of events that started with his administration and continued forth. Clinton's own 'Wag the Dog' strike on tents in Afghanistan was cited in Time Magazine as the reason for Al Qaeda to begin planning 9-11.

Again apologists say he tried, but the facts tell a story of him failing to go after Bin Laden even when he was offered on a silver platter and was in the crosshairs. No. Clinton and his petty defenders point to his botched 98 'Wag the Dog' strike. He actually used a move made for covering up his own personal abuses and then used it as a defense for his failure to go after the man he dubbed the most wanted in the world. How convenient for him.

So prepare yourself for the startling truth of how America's worst president made it possible for 9-11 and invited terror. We had an 8 year catalyst. The blatantly liberal media in cooperation with left wing academia will never own up to the truths presented here, but despite what those revisionists do, Clinton's legacy will be cemented in the minds of many.

This scandal overshadows everything else including the Chinagate, Lippogate, and many other Clinton scandals. Compared to Clinton, Nixon was a saint and could never come close to matching the corruption of Clinton.

In the words of Clinton himself, as quoted by the Sunday Times of London, Clinton's failure to accept an offer to have Bin Laden handed over was the "Biggest Mistake" of his presidency.


Sean Hannity and his new book shine more light on Clinton's Bin Laden-gate!

Such as:

  • Why issues like gays in the military and global warming were more important to the Clinton administration than protecting America from terrorist attack
  • Horrifying, but true: how Clinton and his gang refused five chances to obtain important information on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda between 1996 and 2000
  • Why the Left is so contemptuous of our military and intelligence services
  • The CIA: how liberals succeeded in hamstringing its work in tracing the activities of Islamic extremists just when we needed it the most
  • Six troubling questions that expose just how badly the Clinton administration bungled its illegal immigration policy leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of attacks
  • The shocking details of how Bill Clinton spent eight years gutting the military with devastating consequences for our national security
  • Four ways terrorists could unleash destruction on an awesome scale in our nation and how liberals are trying to prevent us from being prepared
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